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5 Dimes Review

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The 5Dimes sportsbook rounds our top 3 betting sites list for a good reason. It is an old-school bookie with a twist – reduced juice odds. Based in Costa Rica, this offshore sportsbook is one of the most popular, as well as one of the most respected betting sites in the world. If you are new to sports betting and are wondering what reduced juice means, you can follow the link to our article explaining this in depth, but in a nutshell, you can look at it as the “cut” the sportsbook takes for servicing your bets. The lower the juice (also known as “vig”), the better the odds, the more money you make on your winning bets. The 5Dimes sportsbook has cornered this market hard, it’s the most popular betting site for this type of odds.

Unfortunately, with the reduced juice comes the compromise you’d have to make. As you will see further into our review, the funding options are lacking, compared to other bookmakers, the website is a bit hard to navigate at times, not many enticing bonuses; basically, you’d have to put up with a few things in order to bet here. But the sportsbook remains popular because of its solid reputation and financial liquidity. Many bettors choose to deal with those small annoyances in order to gain the peace of mind that their bets are graded properly and their winnings are paid, no screwing around. Add to this the extra profit from the reduced juice odds, and the picture is clear.

[alert variation=”alert-info”]Funding Options[/alert]

[table style=”table-hover”]

Method Min Max
Credit Cards $50 $2,000
Bitcoin $25 Unlimited
Person-to-Person $100 $690


Unless Bitcoin is your preferred depositing/payout method, which in this day and age should, we find the funding options at 5Dimes to be a bit limited. As you can see from the table above, we have grouped all credit cards under a single tab, for a reason. While technically all major credit cards are accepted by the sportsbook, you have the best chance to complete a deposit with a VISA branded card than anything else. Most people’s experience is that depositing with a credit card is a hit-and-miss at any rate, so Bitcoin or P2P are your best options here. Sometimes credit cards would go through, other times not even VISA deposits would, it all depends on the moon and the stars and the tide of the ocean…you get the picture.

On the bright side, 5Dimes have gotten the whole Bitcoin down to a science. Your deposits and payouts using this funding method at this sportsbook will be the fastest among all reputable sportsbooks, not to mention cheap, since they charge no fees on Bitcoin transactions. Hopefully by now most bettors have oriented themselves towards Bitcoin, so the lack of competing funding options would not be an issue. If you are still a slave to the credit card companies, however, you may want to look at different sportsbooks, where those transactions are much easier.

Payouts here are fast and reliable. As mentioned earlier, this is one of the top reasons people choose 5Dimes, this and the betting odds, of course.

[alert variation=”alert-info”]Betting Limits and Odds[/alert]

The betting odds, of course, are the show runner at 5Dimes. The book will take action on nearly anything and the low vig on most bets is the icing on the cake. Not only is the juice reduced, but on most major games, you will be given an array of betting odds to choose from. No other sportsbook will let you customize the odds to your own liking, which is why 5Dimes continues to be one of the most popular online sportsbooks. You don’t like the 3 point spread on the Monday Night Football game? No worries, choose your own – make it 3.5 points without a problem. Of course, when you adjust the odds like that, expect the payoff to change, as well, but at least you are not stuck with what the book posts and can essentially be your own odds maker. This is huge and we love this feature of the sportsbook.

Another reason why many pro-bettors chose 5Dimes is for the betting limits. While technically the betting site has a bet limit capped at $5,000, one can place unlimited bets on a single event, essentially making 5Dimes a no-limit sportsbook. The best part is that the sportsbook has the money to back up the bets they take, therefore a lot of high limit bettors choose to do business with 5Dimes. And with the unlimited transaction size of Bitcoin, this has become an even more attractive sports betting site to the high rollers.

[alert variation=”alert-info”]Bonuses, Promotions and Rewards[/alert]

As it has become the custom with the legit sportsbooks, you won’t find many bonus offers or free bets at 5Dimes, although what’s on tap is even less than other popular betting websites. In the rank of bonuses and promotions, 5Dimes definitely ranks last, but then again, this is not the recreational sportsbook, most customers here are not really all that concerned with an extra couple of hundred when they sign up. The reduced juice is the bonus that keeps on giving long after you have made your initial deposit.

Still, there is a cashback program giving you back up to 20% of your losses, as well as a free play on replenishing your account, for which many customers qualify. Occasionally the sportsbook will post seasonal offers and bettors can expect to see a promo or two in their email inbox, especially around the start of the seasons of the major sports. But if you are a bonus hunter, this is definitely not the sportsbook for you.

[alert variation=”alert-info”]Customer Service[/alert]

Customer service can be contacted 24/7 by the usual channels – phone, email and chat. Generally, the service you’ll receive will be quality, as you would expect from a legit sportsbook. Keep in mind that this is a sportsbook with a unique offering, the reduced juice and customizable odds, and is ran more like a local, than a corporation. As such, there is little love for whiners and scammers, on occasion customer service could be a bit rude. This was more true in the past than now, but even today, 5Dimes don’t beat around the bush when it come to jerks. Treat them with respect and you will receive the same in return. But be a jerk – and they will close your account without batting an eye. It’s kind of the old school “you respect me and I respect you” type of deal.

[alert variation=”alert-info”]Other Features[/alert]

5Dimes is one of the oldest sportsbooks on the Internet and one look at their website is all it takes to realize that they haven’t change it from the beginning. While it works just fine, the betting menu is a bit frustrating at times and hard to navigate. Compared with the sleek designs of other sportsbooks, 5Dimes is down-right archaic. We would love to see a redesigned interface, with much easier navigation structure, but the current one is doing its job just fine, it seems, so we don’t expect to see updates anytime soon. Most people quickly learn how to navigate the betting menu, if you like the sportsbook and what it offers, it shouldn’t be much more than an annoyance.

[alert variation=”alert-info”]Most asked questions about 5Dimes[/alert]

Question: Is 5Dimes legit?
[alert variation=”alert-success” dismiss=”dismiss”]Answer: Yes, 5Dimes is a legit online sportsbook.[/alert]

Question: Does 5Dimes pay?
[alert variation=”alert-success” dismiss=”dismiss”]Answer: Yes, 5Dimes pays on time; as a matter of fact, it’s one of the fastest paying sportsbooks.[/alert]

Question: Is 5Dimes safe?
[alert variation=”alert-success” dismiss=”dismiss”]Answer: Yes, 5Dimes is a safe sportsbook with very solid reputation.[/alert]

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