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Established all the way back in 1996, the Intertops sportsbook is a well-known quality betting company. Still, there are quite a few experienced bettors who may have never heard of this online sportsbook. The reason for this is that this sportsbook wastes no money on advertising. It has been in business for a very long time and throughout the years it has treated its customers the right way. For this reason it has amassed a large and cult following, once you start betting with Intertops there are not many reasons to switch books. Customer service is great, odds are decent and funding usually goes through with a hitch.

A few years ago Intertops realized that the future of internet is on mobile devices, hence they redesigned their website with a fresh new look, very mobile-friendly and have focused heavily on live betting. All this stems from their large exposure to the European and Asian betting markets, those features being adopted more readily in Europe and slow to come to the US. If you are interested in live betting, Intertops is a great choice. The new Intertops interface has really taken off with customers all over the world and the sportsbook is again tapping into the word-of-mouth free advertising – and as you can see, we had no qualms ranking this betting site among our top 5 online sportsbooks.

[alert variation=”alert-info”]Funding Options[/alert]

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Method Min Max
Visa $20 $1,000
MasterCard $20 $1,000
Bitcoin $25 $2,500
Other Cryptos $25 $2,500
Bank Wire No Min No Max


The funding options at Intertops reflect the fact that this is a recreational sportsbook, rather than one for professional bettors and sharps. Small but stead wins the race has been the motto of Intertops, the sportsbook focusing on the average bettor, rather than trying to cater to high limit customers. And while the depositing limits are on the small side, the transactions, specifically using the credit cards accepted, have a very good chance to go through. Bitcoin, of course, is no problem, although the sportsbook is not really enthusiastic about taking on too much risk with the crypto fluctuations, hence the lower limits, as compared to other online sportsbooks. There are a few other payment methods (Skrill, PaySafe, etc.), but those are not available to all countries served by Intertops, so we have omitted them, but you can see them all listed at the Intertops website.

The payouts have similar limits, only they include check payments, which are at a $3,000/week max, as well as a maximum wire payout of $6,000/week. For the average bettor the funding options are plenty, so we haven’t docked many stars from our review for this.

[alert variation=”alert-info”]Betting Limits and Odds[/alert]

The betting limits at Intertops appear to be a well-kept secret. There is no official statement as to what the maximum amount per bet could be placed, although the maximum amount you could win per wager is capped at $100,000 and a customer is limited to $110K of winnings per week. The sportsbook states that the maximum bet is left to their discretion, prior to accepting the bet, which means that if the bet is accepted, you are good to go. Large bets may have to go through internal review and need an approval, but considering the funding limits, anyone should be good to go to match those in a single bet. We have to say that honestly we haven’t heard of any customers complaining about betting limit issues with Intertops on any of the betting forums we monitor.

The odds are good, but not great, which is expected with a recreational sports betting website. The live betting is where people can find some really good deals, as those odds will move quite aggressively to reflect the action on a particular event. The sportsbook offers a lot of betting options, not only the popular leagues throughout the world, but even some obscure sports, such as snooker and even curling. A nod to their European heritage is the large amount of prop bets on the individual games. If you like to make side bets on the games, you will find a ton of choices here.

[alert variation=”alert-info”]Bonuses, Promotions and Rewards[/alert]

The bonus offers leave plenty to be desired. The welcome bonus is currently just $200 for new customers, and while there are other bonuses for existing customers, the rollover requirements are on the large side. As such, we don’t recommend any of those bonuses, as they could trap a bettor into rollover chasing, just to be able to cash out.

[alert variation=”alert-info”]Other Features[/alert]

Like we already mentioned, in recent years this sportsbook has really focused its attention to live betting. All games are offered not only as a standard “future” betting option, but will have live action come game time. The betting interface is well-thought out, easy to navigate, responsive and fast. Kudos to Intertops for really bringing out a quality product, in the face of their live betting platform.

Intertops is a full-featured gambling website and as such it gives one access to a quality online casino and poker room. The poker room is not the most popular, although we had no issue finding people to join our table. The casino is excellent and the bonus offers there are much better than what the sportsbook offer.

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Question: Is Intertops sportsbook any good?
[alert variation=”alert-success” dismiss=”dismiss”]Answer: Yes, Intertops is a great sportsbook for recreational bettors.[/alert]

Question: Does Intertops pay?
[alert variation=”alert-success” dismiss=”dismiss”]Answer: Always and on time!/alert] the safest betting sites around. This is a legit sportsbook, not one after your personal information.[/alert]

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